NaNoRenO is a visual novel development jam that encourages developers to create a visual novel from start to finish during the month of March.

FYR will reblog NaNoRenO project announcements and completed game posts throughout the month.  Announcements will be tagged #nanoreno wip and completed games will be tagged #nanoreno 2015.  Don’t have a Tumblr? No problem! Submit a post.

What are the rules?

  • Devs can create any type of visual novel.
  • Creation of game assets should not begin until March 1st, but brainstorming (plot outlining, character sketches, etc.) that does not lead to the production of assets is allowed beforehand.
  • Creative Commons materials can be used.
  • Any game released by March 31st/April 1st qualifies.
  • Bug fixes can be submitted after April 1st.

Useful Links



It’s done!

My character Emmerah (Emma was taken but is her actual name) is on the left.. She’s pursuing Lysander at the moment.
My friends character Fjola is on the right and she is currently pursuing Nathaniel.

Neither of them are wearing these outfits anymore, but this is just what they were wearing when I decided to draw them… I find it a little amusing how much like Castiel my character looks >_> especially considering he’s Lysanders’ best friend.


“So it hurts to be alive my friend
In this masquerade, where all one day must die
Don’t you wish you were unborn again
Just for a minute
Just for a minute more”

I was listening to Kamelot whilst sketching just a bit earlier and suddenly this image came into my mind. Well, actually a series of images, but this is the one that stuck. I like it as a sketch but I may line and colour it at some point.